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I love essential oils. I recently had a very vivid experience which helped me to see the benefits of essential oils first hand!  A few weeks ago, I was making cookies for my sons.  As I was pulling them out of the oven, the back of one of my fingers touched the inside of the oven.  Ouch!


Within seconds, a thick blister was forming.  My dad has been an Emergency Medical Technician since I was a kid – so I knew that I needed to get cold water on my finger as soon as possible.

Cold Water

The cold water did help to cool my finger temporarily.  But as soon as I turned off the water, my finger burned terribly again.  So, I filled a glass with cold water and stuck my finger into it.  This also helped and allowed me to finish up my cookies and also to cook dinner. 

But after several hours, my finger still burned whenever I would remove it from the glass. I tried putting aloe vera gel on it.  But that only took the burn away for a few minutes.

I also tried putting a mixture of coconut oil, shea butter, and frankincense oil on it.  But that had the same result as the aloe.  Only temporary relief.

Natural Remedy that Worked

Then, I took 1 Tbsp of aloe and added 3-4 drops of peppermint oil.  That did the trick!  It removed the heat from the burn completely.  I applied this mixture to my finger 2 or 3 times before going to bed that night. Then I went to sleep.  My finger felt nice and cool – especially since I could also feel our fan blowing on it from across the room.

When I woke up in the morning, there was just a red line on my finger where the burn had been.  It was still sensitive to heat for several days… but otherwise, there was no discomfort. That experience and many others have helped me to see the benefits of essential oils. 

I’ve since read that lavender essential oil is also great for burns – although I haven’t tried that personally, yet.  The peppermint oil has been working so well that I really haven’t seen the need to try anything different for burns.

Will it Work for You?

One thing I’m discovering about essential oils and many other natural remedies is that they don’t all work exactly the same way for everyone.  Some people will swear by an herbal remedy or an essential oil – but it doesn’t have quite the same effect for the next person. 

This is because our bodies are extremely complicated and we can experience similar issues with very different root causes. If we consider headaches, for example, we can experience them because we have inflammation, because of a sensitivity to certain foods, from being in a loud environment, from a tumor, or from too much stress.  You can see why it would take different remedies to help people when they have different underlying causes.

In the case of burns, I’ve been extremely pleased by just using the combination of aloe vera gel and peppermint oil.  They worked great for an oven burn – but I hear that this combination is also excellent for sunburns as well!

How about you?  What remedies have you found to be beneficial in treating burns?  Please leave a comment below.

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