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The beginning of each year is a wonderful time to evaluate how we’re living our lives.  According to Michael Hyatt, over 150 million Americans come up with New Year’s Resolutions that they have every intention of keeping.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of these resolutions are soon forgotten.  Only 8% of us are actually successful at keeping these new goals.  Sounds like we could all use a class on how to set goals and reach them!

How to Set Goals and Reach Them

Like most of the rest of you, I came up with some new goals for this year: 

  • One of these goals was to start and grow this new website.
  • Another goal was to lose 60 pounds.
  • A third goal I made was to have a close relationship with God that feels vibrant and real .

These goals may not be all that different from goals that you have made as well.  Some years, I’ve been successful at reaching my goals and some years, they fall by the wayside very quickly.  This year, I’ve been doing something different which will help to ensure that I hit my goals. To successfully reach my goals, I’m working on them every day.

How to Set Goals and Reach Them

There are lots of ways to do this.  Some people create dream boards and post them on the wall behind their computer monitor.  Some people post their goal lists on their bathroom mirror so that they’ll read them every day. In order to work on them daily, however, I am adding a few more steps to the process.

Here’s how I’m making rapid progress toward reaching my goals:

  1. First I came up with my goal list.  I made sure these goals were detailed.  I also made sure they were compelling enough to make me want to bust out of my comfort zone and work toward them.  Rather than just saying I wanted to lose weight, I set a goal with a specific number of pounds.  Rather than saying I want to be better about praying and doing my devotions, I made my spiritual goal something that will motivate me to get out of bed in the morning.
  2. Next, I came up with the next several steps to move me closer to reaching my goal.  I wrote these down on my goal list as well.
  3. Then, I used Evernote to create a To Do List.  I update this list every morning making sure to include at least one task each day which will get me closer to each goal.

It’s amazing how much more quickly I’m moving toward my goals when I work on them every single day.  And each day, momentum seems to speed me along even more quickly.

Identify Stumbling Blocks

Another important part of the goal setting process is to identify one thing in your life which is holding you back the most from accomplishing your goals and to eliminate that thing.  I’ve actually identified three things which hold me back on a regular basis:

  1. Watching too much TV at night
  2. Being overweight
  3. Fear

I’m not sure how to eliminate fear from my life… although one of my favorite quotes is from Susan Jeffers, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”  I remember how scared I was to push PUBLISH on my first blog post back in 2007… and how much easier it has gotten over time.  Attempting anything new can be scary.  I’m trying to take that rush of adrenaline and use it to propel me forward rather than holding me back.

As for the other two items which slow down my forward momentum, I can definitely do something about those.  My husband and I have committed to watching less TV at night.  We made a goal of only watching 2 hours of TV per week – although I’m not sure we’ll be able to cut it down quite that much – especially if you count the weekends. 😉

We’ve also started on a weight loss and exercise plan for 2016 – and that has made a huge difference in our energy level and motivation.

Setting new goals is pretty easy.  Sticking with those goals for the long term and actually reaching them is much more difficult.  It requires focus, discipline, and a whole lot of work.  I think you’ll find that if you break that work down into manageable pieces, and eliminate your stumbling blocks, you will also be able to make progress more quickly than ever before.  I’m excited to transform into a New Me in 2016!

How to Set Goals and Reach Them

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How about you?  Have you set any new goals this year?  I’d love to hear what they are!  Please leave a comment below.  

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