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A Quest of Self-Discovery

My One Word for 2016

Hello.  My name is Michelle and I have a problem.  I struggle with being way too negative.  I'm not sure if this is learned behavior or if it's wrapped up in my DNA... but I tend to dwell on and focus on and talk about the negative things that are going on all around...

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Get Some Sleep

My days are busy.  I homeschool my two teenage sons.  I've been a homeschool blogger since 2007.  I'm launching this second website.  I write and sell books on Amazon.  I have lots of various projects up my sleeve.  By the time nighttime arrives, I'm usually more than...

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What if There’s a Better Way?

In modern society, it seems like we have pills for everything.  Have a headache?  Take a pill.  Can't sleep?  Take a pill.  Want to lose weight?  Take a pill.  Feeling lethargic or anxious or achy?  Take a pill. What if there's a better way? Hi, my name is Michelle...

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